Understanding Pressure Transmitter Manifold Technology and Selection

Webinar Recording

To facilitate and simplify the installation of pressure transmitters you need (valve) manifolds. A manifold will allow a calibration or a change to the pressure transmitter without the necessity of plant shutdown.

Manifold selection can be quite difficult as there are several types. Various aspects must be taken into consideration, such as process conditions including the metallurgy requirements, turndown requirements, accuracy, and installation requirements.

Join this webinar to better understand which manifolds you should use for specific applications and conditions.

You will learn:

  • A brief history of manifolds
  • An overview of the different types of manifolds that are available
  • The advantages, disadvantages, and application considerations you should consider when selecting a manifold


Liz Majestic

Application Engineer
Yokogawa Corporation of America

Liz is a pressure, multivariable and temperature transmitter application engineer at Yokogawa. She works daily with customers and sales in identifying, designing and verifying pressure and temperature measurement applications that best fit their needs.

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