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Realising Europe’s New Digital Energy System


The three major megatrends in Europe - accelerating green transition, ongoing digitalization, and reconsideration of the current economic paradigm - have led to the emergence of the industrial sharing economy. Diversification of energy sources and greater resource efficiency optimization are needed as part of this transition toward a new safe, secure and digitally-native energy system, powered by renewables.
To address this need, Europe’s REPowerEU action plan envisages significant uptake of green hydrogen across industrial applications and the transport sector. Hydrogen as a clean energy vector is vital for achieving European energy security.

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  • Europe’s Dilemma
  • Industrial Sharing Economy
  • “System of Systems”
  • Fundamental Energy System Principles
  • Europe’s Emerging Energy System
  • Smart Factories to Smart Energy Ecosystems
  • Projects To Start Today
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