Applications of High-Content Imaging in 3D Models of Disease

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Generating translatable high-content imaging data from physiologically-relevant cell models, including 2D and 3D structures, is extremely valuable for drug discovery and pre-clinical research. In this webinar, James Evans, CEO of PhenoVista Biosciences presents case studies on how Yokogawa’s Benchtop CQ1 Confocal System can improve throughput and standardize processes for complex 3D cell-based phenotypic assays.

Key learning objectives:

  • Strategies for designing and implementing high-content screening assays
  • Approaches for deciding between 2D and 3D model systems

Who should view the webinar?

Scientists and researchers from industry and academic backgrounds who are interested in high-content imaging and specific applications including:

  • Living-cell imaging
  • Organoids and spheroids
  • 3D high-content imaging
  • Organ on a chip
  • Microfluidics
  • Cell painting
  • Drug screening/discovery


Dr. James Evans
CEO, PhenoVista Biosciences

Originally from England, after completing graduate school at the MRC and University of Edinburgh, he moved to Boston for a post-doc. At the Whitehead Institute and MIT, James worked in the Matsudaira lab and was a part of the early Computational & Systems Biology initiative, providing support for imaging and informatics. After moving to California and gaining experience leading a team building assays for the EPA's ToxCAST project, James co-founded Phenovista in 2014 where he is currently CEO.

Tom Casburn

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