With motors responsible for approximately half of the world's electric energy consumption, identifying opportunities to increase system efficiencies is more important than ever. Improving and innovating motor and inverter technologies is key to enable and further global decarbonization.

During this webinar, engineering professionals with a focus in design, systems, or testing of motor and inverter systems will learn how to more effectively benchmark energy efficiency through accurate power analysis.

Key topics include:

  • Steps for precise high-accuracy power and energy measurements on an electric motor and inverter system
  • Critical measurement points of inverter input, inverter output, and motor output in a motor and control system
  • How voltage, current, and frequency translate into speed, torque, and power (output of the inverter and motor)
  • Bringing it all together to effectively measure motor, inverter, and overall system efficiency


Dan Kasamis

General Manager, Yokogawa

  • Purdue University, BS, MS Electrical & Computer Engineering Technology
  • 20 years of experience in test and measurement

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